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As students you can be assured of best career guidance by our expert team of counsellors. This is why we are the experts.

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You are important to us. We are here to offer our assistance in each step of the admission process to you individually.

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An experienced and dedicated team assists you for a hassle free visa process.

About Us

Education beyond borders. At DCSC Enoch we encourage students to pursue their education going beyond the limited scope offered in our country and within their means. DCSC Enoch is a fast-emerging education consultancy aiming to facilitate students in pursuing higher education abroad. We provide end to end service from initial counselling to their smooth induction into their respective campus. 

  DCSC Enoch is headquartered in Coimbatore with branches across Chennai and Vijayawada. Our students have successfully completed their degrees in the field of Medicine, Engineering and Management in universities and colleges across Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada to name a few.


Mr. Charles Raja, the Chief Executive Officer and Head Operations of DCSC Enoch has a rich and varied experience in the field of Overseas Education. He has strong expertise in this field which has paved way for students to achieve their dreams of higher education in the international arena.

He seeks to widen the opportunity for education for students in this country and to bring about a transformation in our nation. Given the magnitude of educational disparity and its consequences he is optimistic in solving this problem having a sense of urgency looking at a long-term perspective and with high standards. Mr. Charles Raja has a deep understanding in the overseas education field and its operations, having made remarkable achievements through a coordinated team work.

Mr. Charles ensures optimal utilization of resources to meet the best interests of our clients. In addition to supervising daily operational activities, he is also involved in a wide range of business development initiatives and provides strategic inputs to support planning in terms of long-term business expansion.

Mr. Charles Raja, CEO and Head Operations of DCSC Enoch

Our Partner- Campus International

Mr.Ashok Karuvarathodi. Managing Director, Campus International

Mr. Ashok Karuvarathodi is a great friend and a fatherly figure to every student at the University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia as he is staying back in Armenia with the students to be a part of their daily life and studies ensuring the quality of education, safety and everything a parent would give for the
well-being of their children.

Mr.Ashok Karuvarathodi is the Managing Director of Campus International. The journey to his success was the result of his hard work and well planned establishments in the field of
education and University development programs he applied.

The growth of Campus International was more quality-oriented and student-oriented rather any other educational consultancies around the world. The company has grown with its reputation and planning with the leadership of Ashok
Karuvarathodi, which currently has its corporate office in the Republic of Armenia and franchises all over the world including India, United Arab Emirates and USA.


 His day-to-day activities involve the struggle and planning that comes with care and comfort of every student of the university. The various programs initiated and implemented by Mr. Ashok Karuvarathodi has empowered
and increased leadership qualities among the students to ensure a brighter future and career for the
students of UTMA