DCSC Enoch

Our Core Values

We value the strength, experiences and perspectives of others, and we recognize our own limitations.

Our Mission

We seek to expand educational opportunity in ways that are life-changing for children and transforming for our country.

We Are Friendly

We are committed to partnering effectively with families, schools and communities to ensure that our work advances the broader good for all children.

Leadership and excellence

In Education

We strive to develop and become the leaders necessary to realize educational excellence and equity. We establish bold visions and invest others in working towards them. We work in purposeful, strategic and resourceful ways, define broadly what is within our control to solve, and learn and improve constantly. 

We operate with a sense of possibility, persevere in the face of challenges, ensure alignment between our actions and beliefs and assume personal responsibility for results. 

Why Choose us?

Expert Guidance – As students you can be assured of best career guidance by our expert team of counsellors.

Individual Assistance – You are important to us. We are here to offer our assistance in each step of the admission process to you individually.

Prompt – We respond without delay to your queries.

Hassle-free visa documentation – An experienced and dedicated team assists you for a hassle free visa process.

About us

Education beyond borders. At DCSC Enoch we encourage students to pursue their education going beyond the limited scope offered in our country and within their means. DCSC Enoch is a fast-emerging education consultancy aiming to facilitate students in pursuing higher education abroad.

 We provide end to end service from initial counselling to their smooth induction into their respective campuses. DCSC Enoch is headquartered in Coimbatore with branches across Chennai and Vijayawada. Our students have successfully completed their degrees in the field of Medicine, Engineering and Management in universities and colleges across Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada to name a few.

About UTMA

The University of Traditional Medicine was founded in 1991 by Dr.
Norik Saribekyan the Rector of UTMA. UTMA is one of the unprecedented and leading educational institutions in the region. For the whole period of its activity, the university administration and the professors consistently have sought to implement the educational process in accordance with international standards.

Staff consists of experienced scientists, professors and doctors, whose work has a great reputation andoccupies a worthy place in the system of highereducation.

University prepares high-level medicalscientists who are experienced in
using scientific empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment of Modern
English Medicine and a different faculty of medicine. 

Those, displaying clinical Flexible thinking, apply their theoretical and practical knowledge, gained during their studies, in practice, combining medicine and modern methods of diagnosis and treatment with traditional and modern